Trek Red TRuck Racing

Trek Red Truck Racing: committed to develop young cyclists to reach their fullest potential in their cycling endeavors and as individuals


Trek Red TRuck Racing

Trek Red Truck Racing: committed to develop young cyclists to reach their fullest potential in their cycling endeavors and as individuals

Latest Race Reports

Tour de Bloom

The first stage was a 106 km road race starting and finishing in Leavenworth. We began the race on a gradual climb and once at the top of the climb, the race continued with two loops. Being one of two teams at the race, there were a lot of individual riders, which made it more challenging to start a break

Taking on the Gila Monster

A friend once said "The Tour of Gila, this race is the hardest race ever, it will literally make you hate cycling." A week later, the Monster has passed and the stage race is now over. Do I hate cycling? Not at all. Was it the hardest stage race ever? Pretty much. 

Guest Ride in the deep south

During Redlands I got an email asking if I would like to guest ride for Team Rally (formerly known as Optum). My initial thought was; “f*** ya!” as signing a contract with a team of this caliber at the end of the 2016 is my number one outcome goal of the season.

Reflections on the RBC                                

I'm not going to lie. I was nervous as all hell heading into the Redlands Cycling Classic. Going into April I thought I was better prepared for a season of racing with North America's best talent on two wheels.

Dancing with the devil: Time cuts and time trails

As a first year U23 joining the North American pro peloton for the first time, time cuts are always in the back of your mind. Although you want to think about racing to win or get a good placement, evading the time cut quickly becomes your number one concern.

Redlands Bicycle Classic: Stage 2 Yucaipa RR                                

California has been absolutely phenomenal so far. With a pretty successful spring series season I had high hopes of finishing the 2016 Redlands Bicycle Classic. My fitness was all there and things were looking good. Unfortunately the last spring series for me was a long rainy day, which ultimately led to me being off the bike for 11 days with a cold. 


RBC: The infamous Sunset Loop Road Race

Day five of the Redlands Bicycle Classic was the infamous Sunset loop Road Race. After four solid days of racing there were some tired legs in the peleton, but for me I felt pretty fresh and ready go.

Highland Circuit Race: There’s no easing in to the RBC

The Redlands Bicycle Classic is arguably one of the toughest races on the Trek Red Truck calendar, and the five grueling stages always bring out a top-tier woman’s field. This year, eight TRT women lined up with some 120 starters to tackle the California hills in rain, shine, and everything in between.

Sunset Road Race: The Finale

The Sunset Road Race is the finale of the Redlands Bicycle Classic and it is known for whittling down the field from the gun. In the past couple of years I have raced Redlands, it has been a feat all on its own just to make it to this last stage without being time cut. 

Redlands Crit - 9 corners, Off the Front, IDGT

IDGT = I Don't Get Tired - a very important thing to remember in stage races. Each day is hard, each day is a fight, yet you have to be on, race your best, and support your team mates with all you have. 

Redlands TT - A Rough Road Indeed

The Redlands Time Trial is a fast 11 km out and back. On the way out this course is a stepping climb with the toughest part of the climb in the last two kilometres, and it was a tricky one to pace for a number of reasons: rough roads, grinding climbs, and fast down hills.

San Dimas

Stage one of San Dimas was an uphill TT, so basically ride as fast as you can for seven kilometres and try to make yourself sick... mission accomplished. Leah started one minute behind me so of course once we both got to the top and caught our breath the typical post TT conversation started... 

Water Never Tasted So Good and Bike Racing Never Hurt So Bad

I will be the first to say that having a positive attitude is essential in achieving goals, but after my season last year I also learned to balance that zest with realistic expectations.

Work Bike Balance

In the wise words of my coach, biking is hard, try harder. This pretty much sums up the last couple of months of pre-race season perpetrations.  

Trek Red Truck Takes the White Jersey at the Chico Stage Race

Last week my brother (Nigel) and teammate Kyle Buckosky started our trip home from Oxnard, California. We had had been renting a house with various other cyclists from BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec for the last two months. It was so nice to get away from the rain and to be able to prepare for the upcoming season in a warm, sunny climate.


80,000 screaming, drinking, and jeering fans. 80,000. Within my three months in Europe, I’ve been to a lot of big ‘cross races where spectators were lined shoulder to shoulder around the entire course, but this was at a whole new level.


The season had been off to a good start down in California for me. With this being my first year as a U23 and first year racing with TRT I wanted to make sure I set my season up as best as possible.

Teamwork wins the day at the National Championships

October 31, 2015

With thousands of eager Winnipeg fans cheering them on and thousands more watching online, Red Truck - Garneau’s Raphael Gagne stormed to victory and a new national title over Geoff Kabush this past week at the Canadian National Championships. 

Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes Announces 2016 Team Roster

December 9, 2015

Trek Red Truck Racing Team is pleased to announce their 2016 roster. Their high performance program is focused on developing young cyclists on and off the bike. 

Cyclocross Team Announced

September 8, 2016

Red Truck – Garneau p/b Easton Cyclocross Team becomes Canada’s most high-caliber cyclocross team and one of top teams in North America.   


August 23, 2015

Once at the race it’s always fun finding the right street to drive down to get to team alley. Of course we got this horribly wrong, pleading with the officials to move barriers as we were stuck on a street dead ending onto the crit course. With the Cat 3 race starting only the ninja-esques back up skills of Geordie saved us. We show parked the van and set up with time to spare.


August 21, 2015

Sunday morning at 7:30, usually the last thing I'd be up early inflating my tires for is suffering for 30 minutes straight up a mountain. In August every year though, local club Glotman Simpson Cycling puts on a fundraising challenge race, The Cypress Hillclimb Challenge, to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research.


August 16, 2015

Racing BC Superweek is always a highlight of any BC racer's year. Racing with giant crowds in your hometown areas is amazing, having almost the entire Vancouver cycling community out to watch these big crits makes you feel the weight BC and Vancouver racing carries, and getting to throw ourselves in with the 'Big Boys' of North American crit and road racing is a chance to show off our sponsors and ourselves as athletes. 


July 31, 2015

Gastown Grand Prix is arguably the marquee event of BC Superweek All the other races are awesome – but Gastown has the biggest crowds, the biggest field, and the biggest prize purse. For us at Trek-Red Truck Racing, it also has the biggest sponsor turn out, giving us a great opportunity to show off our racing skills in front of those that support us.


July 30, 2015

Race reports often seem to contain a lot of "rah rah, go team!" mentality and miss out on the nuances that make cycling the beautiful sport that it is. We sometime joke that to win a bike race you just need to push on the pedals harder than everyone else. There's an element of truth in that, but it captures only a tiny essence of the complex mixture of attributes needed to be a good criterium racer. 


July 30, 2015

The 2015 Pan American Games were my first ever international games. They wrapped up this past Sunday in Toronto and I managed to come away with a gold and bronze. My main focus for the games and why I was selected to the Pan Am team was the team pursuit on the track. 

Surviving the 2015 Ironman Canada

July 29, 2015

A few years ago, the idea of Ironman was hatched on the US Xterra Pro Series Circuit with my good friend Danelle Kabush. As we both are born in 1975, I suggested we do something special on our 40th year on the planet. I remember saying, "Let's go do that Ironman race in Kona". She laughed. "Uh, Brandi, you have to qualify for that race."

Tour de Delta

July 28, 2015

The last race in the Tour de Delta is the UCI road race around the suburbs of Tsawassen.  This year the course had changed, leaving a few parties confused, but ended up making it more exciting for the spectators as they were able to see the racers pass by the start/finish twice a lap.  

Big win for TRt at Gastown Grand PRix

July 26, 2015

Gastown is the biggest race of the year for the Trek - Red Truck team sponsors, and is a key event for most of the riders, allowing them to showcase their sport in front of a hometown crowd of friends, family, and sponsors.


June 22, 2015

Well, we’ve had a pretty busy road schedule the past couple months and I definitely have not spent enough time on my mountain bike to be taking on anything called the Powerhouse Plunge. But I was registered, so I headed to the race with low expectations and hopes of surviving with my body intact.

BC Provincials: Racing with the boys in red

June 16, 2016

I came into this season with a few goals on my list of races this year. The provincial road race being one of particular importance to me. Really though, this race was a carry on of my targets from last year.

Fast and Furious in Victoria

June 11, 2015

The Cameron Law Cycling Series is always an exciting race for Trek Red Truck. Close to home in beautiful Victoria, there’s sure to be strong competition, big crowds, and the opportunity to show what our team is made of. 2015 was no exception!

Trek's Winning Weekend at the Junior Provincials 

June 9, 2015

A couple weekends ago saw the three juniors of Trek Red Truck head out to Penticton to race the Junior Provincial Championships. The racing got kicked off bright and early Saturday morning with a time trial of 22km for the girls and the same for the boys. The course was around Summerland in a beauty location. 

Gatineau Grand Prix

June 9, 2015

The past few years I’ve been on Trek Red Truck, the women’s team has had the opportunity to attend one of few UCI races held in North America every year, the Gatineau Grand Prix. This road race gives us the chance to show our colours and abilities in one at the highest level of racing in Canada. 

The Trek Red Truck Team is committed to developing young cyclists to reach their fullest potential both on and off the bike