Trek Red Truck Racing Team

About us

Mission Statement

The Trek Red Truck Racing Team is committed to develop young cyclists to reach their fullest potential in their cycling endeavors and as individuals. Through our sponsors and friendsí support, we provide an environment where our young athletes can compete at the highest level while still maintaining their educational pursuits.

Season Goals

The upcoming racing season will be devoted to developing new members. Our past and present riders have enjoyed success at the local, provincial, national and international levels. Our current team consists of a very select group of young athletes. Those selected are chosen not only for their ability to perform individually, but also for their abilities to co-exist as a whole unit. Those chosen for our team must have demonstrated excellent teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the bike. One of our main goals over the next few years will be dependant not only on our success on the road but also on our success in finding additional sponsors. With an increased budget the team will be able to sign additional young talent which will allow us to attend higher caliber races in Canada, and the US.