Brandi Heisterman

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Hometown: Squamish, BC
Riding Strengths: Single track
Education Interest: High School Special Education teacher / Master of Counselling

Brandi lives in Squamish BC with her two kiddies, aged 6 and 8.  Brandi spent most her life running track and cross country, and in her late twenties, she switched over to riding bikes and off road triathlons because of injuries.  She moved to Squamish for the amazing mountain biking and love for a small town community.  Brandi's new found passion is riding single track with her two kids, who challenge her to ride skinnies and bridges that they call 'easy'.  She works at the middle school in Squamish in Special Education and English, coaches the track and field team, the girls basketball team, the mountain bike team, and is presently pursuing a Master of Counselling.


  • 2012 1st Nimby 50
  • 2012 3rd Test of Metal
  • 2012 9th World ITU Cross Triathlon 7 Champs
  • 2011 7th Canadian National Championships XC MTB