Each and every year Spring Series gets labeled as "just training" however it offers some of the hardest fought racing all season long. Trek Red Truck showed up to the fight!

The Murchie road race was held on the best day anyone could have asked for. Hot, Sunny and uncharacteristically dry roads for Spring Series, greeted the team van as we rolled into the Murchie elementary school parking lot. We all Jumped out of the car excited to be racing without our rain jackets. With recent success at Aldergrove long, the weekend previously (Jay Lamoureux and Dylan Davies going one - two) we knew that we were going to be stringently watched. Another rider to be watched was Local pro Will Routley. I'm sure everyone was anticipating an educational day in butt kicking.

Spring Series Murchie Road Race.

The race rolled neutral out the paring lot then turned right down towards zero ave were it actually took place. Murchie is a pan flat 7.8 km "L" shaped loop with some cross winds and a few technical corners. Like every spring series race as soon as it started there was a flourish of attacks trying to establish a break. Trek Red Trucks Henri De Boever joined two others to establish the first break and the trio soon had over two minutes. They rolled off the front for the first few laps but it wasn't to be as chase was taken up by an excited pack and soon they were brought back.

Again the pace picked up as everyone anticipated more attacks and they did come. Numerous attacks came from Langois, TRT and Will, but nothing got away until Emile De Rosnay of Langois Brown racing took off up the yellow line followed closely by Dylan Davies of TRT. The duo quickly had thirty seconds but stayed there as Will and a couple others chased. Henri and myself stuck close to the front interfering with the chase and closing gaps as we were both very confident in Dylan. Once the two riders had over two minutes the chase gave up. We all sat up, joked around, ate some food and enjoyed the nice weather!

At the front of the race the break had over five minutes, Dylan even had time to wait for Emile to change a flat at the start/finish line of the finial lap. Once started rolling again Davies easily distanced himself from Emile and took the big W. 

A five man break went up the road late from the pack consisting of Will Routley, three Langoise guys and Jay Lamoureux of TRT. They sprinted it out for minor placings with Will getting the best of them, Jay ended up just missing the podium in 6th. 

Trek Red Truck once again came away with the victory. That's back-to-back Wins for Trek Red Truck p/b Mosic homes in the A Men! Woot Woot!

Another notable performance goes to Sarah Coney for winning Saturday's women's road race.
A huge thanks goes out to all the sponsors who keep racing bikes so much fun!