IDGT = I Don't Get Tired - a very important thing to remember in stage races. Each day is hard, each day is a fight, yet you have to be on, race your best, and support your team mates with all you have.

Over the past two years I have grown quite fond of crits - the faster and more technical the better. With my new race wheels, Easton Aero 55s, railing those corners was a dream.

The plan was to maintain Gillian's placement with regard to the white jersey, and if possible move her up closer to it.

The course is notoriously technical nine corners, and five of those corners are well over 90 degrees. Positioning is key to staying out of trouble.

Gillian attacked on a prime lap, which was awesome, and she stayed away for a lap or so. Denise, our fearless leader, has trained the women's team to be fast, to protect, and respond to a teammate's attack. If Gill was gonna put her self out there I was gonna cover her and counter. A small group broke free and bridged up to Gill, I jumped on the back of it and let them tow me to her. As soon as they caught her I attacked and launched off the front. I spent two laps off the front, making sure not to destroy myself, but I put in a good dig and yet the peloton was not letting anything get away. Once I was reabsorbed into the pack I set about recovering and getting ready for the sprint.

On this technical course positioning on the last three fast corners was critical. I had good positions going into the last three laps, then I got swarmed. Fought hard for positioning and was rewarded with 8th.

Onward to the last stage and the amazingly fun Sunset course. All that is left is to eat, recover and never forget IDGT.