Stage one of San Dimas was an uphill TT, so basically ride as fast as you can for seven kilometres and try to make yourself sick... mission accomplished. Leah started one minute behind me so of course once we both got to the top and caught our breath the typical post TT conversation started:

“How’d you go?”
“I don’t know it was a TT... it hurt a lot”
“You get a time?”
“Maybe low 19s?”
“Oh I was low 18’s”

The post TT fretting wasn’t needed as our whole team had killer rides, but going into stage two Leah was sitting pretty in 5th and I rode myself into the U25 white jersey. So we had two clear goals for the next day: keep Leah’s GC position and keep me in white.

Stage two was a roller coaster (code for hold onto your socks for one of the sketchiest races ever) of a circuit race. We did 8 laps of a 10 kilometre circuit that went through a park with toll booths and twisty descents, then went up a lung-busting, leg-cramping berg, down another descent, and then through the start finish. The whole race was pretty tame but of course we had Miss Sara Bergen light it up after one of the time bonus sprints. She made it over the top of the climb before a couple Hagens Berman girls, then Kristin Armstrong and Leah made it across to Sara to make it a dangerous move. However, nobody in the pack were willing to let a two-time Olympic champion get away so they reeled it back in pretty quick. Coming into the final lap we were set to have a bunch sprint at the end, however Denise had to rescue me on the final climb as the pace and heat form the day had finally set into my legs... thank you Denise!

We knew the final lead into the sprint was going to be fast and dangerous so Leah and myself stayed safe to keep our positions in GC and Denise let Sara out for a sprint ending up 5th!!

Visit Dallas won the stage but it was a very bittersweet ending for them as their final lead out rider was taken down by the barriers. Our whole team is sending our best healing vibes to Lauren as she is still recovering in the ICU. Here is the link to their GoFundme page.


The final day was a blazing hot and fast criterium around downtown San Dimas. Leah and I had one goal of staying safe in the pack to keep our GC positions. While Denise, Sara and Gabby were ready to try to get into some moves and get a win in the finale for Trek Red Truck. Nothing stuck to the line but both Denise and Sara were in breakaways for quite a few laps so mission accomplished!

All in all, it was a great weekend of racing and got us all geared up and ready the big one... REDLANDS!

Huge thanks to all the sponsors and support staff of Trek Red Truck, we wouldn’t be where we are without your endless support.