The weekend of racing at the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage race kicked off Saturday morning with a flat and fast 10.5km “Merckx” style time trial. The weather was less then cooperative and proceeded to try to drown the riders on course by just raining harder. Luckily the whole team came prepared with Kyle and Dylan both getting in the top five on the stage at 3rd and 5th respectively.

The second stage Saturday evening was the notoriously twisty-turny figure eight course in downtown Enumclaw (no fly overs here, although we know Mike would have loved that). With the rain from the morning only slightly subsiding by the evening, the men’s race was slick, fast, and overall just good that the whole team made it through without going down, while keeping our GC positions.

The road race on Sunday saw the whole team working to keep Kyle and Dylan at the front while drilling it on the main climb of the course each lap (Brendan was crushing souls up it). The race came down to a select group in the last 10kms where a solo rider slipped away and Kyle finished in third place on the stage and held his fourth place position on GC. Overall a great weekend of racing and teamwork in beautiful (and wet) Enumclaw Washington!