Coming half way through BC Superweek, the Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix gets everyone fired up for an exciting day of racing. It doesn’t matter that you already have three days of racing in your legs – this is a big one!

It might be the location - right in the heart of Gastown - or maybe the prize money, with $12 000 on the line for the win. The number of fans that come out also make it special. The crowds build along the barriers into an interesting mix – hard-core cycling fans, family and friends and those who have never seen a bike race before, but grab a cowbell and get right in on the action.

The year the Trek-Red Truck ladies came in as the defending champs. Last year was a pretty awesome experience. All of the above make it a goose bump raising course to win on. Given last year, we knew it was going to be a little more difficult to get someone off the front for the win, but that didn’t mean we weren’t going to try.

The team gave it a good go. We got someone off solo a few times and created a few splits. Unfortunately, the break composition never was totally functional and the move would quickly come back. Our efforts were not in vain. We managed to collect most of the primes on offer for the night.

Coming into the finish Sara showed her growing sprinter prowess as she duked it out with the fast finishers into the last corner. Despite some aggressive elbowing, Sara held her ground and sprinted to a respectable 4th place.

After watching the men’s team duke it out with the big guns, we started off on a second race: Trying to keep up with Sara on the sprint towards the Red Truck Truck Stop and the waiting burgers and beer. A great evening was capped off chatting with our always amazing sponsors, friends and family.