Photo credit: Greg Decantes

Photo credit: Greg Decantes

The White Rock Road Race is the last day of BC Super Week. The race is a 10 km circuit race through White Rock totaling up to 80 km of racing. This is a hard and technical course with steep punchy climbs and quick descents.

The team goal going into the race was to help Sara remain the omnium leader after her win at the White Rock Road Criterium. Being one of the larger teams with eight riders, people were looking at us to make moves and control the race.

Throughout the first half of the race, the pace was fairly controlled, however, the climbs were starting to break up the field and girls were beginning to crack. All the TRT girls put in very strong attacks and put pressure on the other teams to work. Unfortunately, nothing was sticking and there was a group of around 17 riders that were consistently together throughout the race.

Going into the last lap the pace stayed similar to the rest of the race - controlled on the flat sections and hard on the climbs. On the last stretch it was really important to be in the front of the group because the road narrowed and cones were blocking part of the road, making it very easy to get boxed in. Fortunately Sara found herself in a good spot going into the sprint for third place! Overall, the White Rock Road Race was a fun and hard race and I am excited to do it all over again next year.

Best of luck to all the TRT girls competing in Cascades this coming up week.