Fall ride.jpg

This past weekend Brian Green and Johnny Halliday were able to get out for a great fall ride. Living in Squamish now, my options for road riding are pretty limited. It was really nice to be down in the city with some good company riding some new roads. We did the ‘Mystery’ ride, which was now only a mystery route to me, because it has been done so many times. I can’t reveal the route, but I can tell you it had some of the best gravel paths and some of the nicest views this place has to offer. We also found a creek with spawning salmon which was a totally new experience for me.

The training that comes along with gearing up for the season ahead is some of my favourite riding I end up doing in a year. The goal is to spend long, steady hours riding to start re-building and building upon the endurance systems. When the weather is nice and the company is good, this is an enjoyable way to spend the day!