Photo Credit: TLB Photography

Photo Credit: TLB Photography

After a silver medal at the Provincial TT championships I was hungry to really give it all I had for the National TT. Lots of hours and intervals on the TT bike prepping for this event was essential.

The course was a 36km out and back in the Gatineau Park region of Quebec. On the way out there was a considerable amount of climbing, leaving the way back mostly downhill with a series of rollers. During my warmup on the trainer there was a torrential rainstorm, turning the streets into rivers and completely soaking me even though I was under cover. But the show had to go on, I didn’t let the conditions affect me at all, I was 100% focused on the effort.

After a bike check I was ready to go in the start house and after the final countdown I was launched and started the effort of the year. Pacing is key in these TT’s. If you go out too hard you crack later on, and if you go too easy your time will be slow, so it’s a very fine balance.

My power meter is my only companion in the race, keeping the average power exactly where I want it, not going over or under exact pacing. By the time I got to the turn around my average power was right where I wanted it to be, and I was set to give it more gas on the way back. The return had more downhills, and with the hammering rain it was a little sketchy on some of the downhill segments. There were at least two occasions where I felt my rear wheel slip which is a bit scary.

The legs still felt good on the way back, pacing was good, and the bike felt fast I caught my second, third, and fourth minute man. As I was approaching the 5km to go mark I start to “leave it all out on the road,” meaning I completely emptied the tank so there was not one last shred of energy left in me. After I crossed the line I immediately got off the bike, and almost fell over, it was a good effort.

A personal best power for a 52 min effort, and a finishing position of 23rd place very close to a lot strong guys. Looking closer at the results I noticed that there were only three guys that finished in front of me that were not full time professionals, not bad.

I just wanted to add a special thank you to Trek Red Tuck for supporting me at Canadian National Championships, and thorough the rest of the season!

Until next time,

Kyle Buckosky