The second Tour de Delta crit in Ladner was another perfect Superweek night. The squad was amped and ready to put in another good race after the chaotic crit the night before in Delta. Everybody was relaxed hanging out before the race at the tent, eating sloppy sandwiches (Brendan) and getting ready for the fast flat crit on the newly repaved crit course.

On the start line the boys were all setup near the front and made some awkward eye contact with the Cylance pro team riders who found out on the start line that their disc brake team bikes wouldn't be allowed to race so they all had to pull out. The eventual winner, Justin Williams, was on one of those disc brake bikes and actually traded with one of the women's Cylance riders bikes after adjusting the seat height.

After that the race kicked off with some flat out attacks coming constantly from all around the course. All the guys were near the front with Kyle and Ty getting off the front flying the Red Truck colours with the added bonus of getting some bad ass shots from Brian Green shooting on course. The race finished off with some sketchy cornering at mach bananas but luckily no crashes this year. The whole team finished up in the group and survived to fight another day on the more selective crits coming later in the week.