This past weekend was three days of racing for me, with two days of track racing and then I finished it off with the spring series on Sunday. It was a hard and fun weekend of racing that definitely finished off my prep for busy road season ahead!

After setting sail on the 9 am ferry over to Vancouver Friday morning, fellow TRT teammate Erin and I had a productive sailing across. Erin was working on her Biology and Anatomy assignments, with me learning the basics of writing Japanese letters as I will be starting courses in the language this September.

We took the opportunity after reaching Van to do a quick spin on the road bikes to help get ready for tonight's racing. No easy spin is complete with making a stop for coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate), we stopped in at Thomas Hass Chocolates, one of the team’s major supporters, and our cravings for a tasty treat were fully satisfied.

The track racing began fast and furious right off the bat. I raced my heart out and gave it a good go. Teammate Al and I animated the Friday night of racing and left a good impression. Saturday was the main course, which consisted of the Omnium, my favourite event. Unfortunately, my legs weren’t able to respond to all the attacks by the very strong field, and it made for some tough racing. After a lunch break, I felt refreshed and ready to go. My legs felt stronger, and I really took it to the races with plenty of attacking. Overall the track racing was a blast, and it will help me in the criteriums this year!


Sunday was an early start, as Al and I met the team so we could drive out to the race in the new team van. The van looked awesome as we just got it back from getting decals put on of the team’s logos and sponsors. After getting the pre-race prep done, it was time to race. The race star

ted fast, with a few rollers and windy flat sections on the menu for the race. During the windy section, Chris and I made a split, and it managed to stick. That would be the breakaway of the day, and it wouldn’t be brought back. I was feeling fatigued from the previous days, so I road as hard as I could to help Chris in the break until I got dropped after a surge on one of the hills. I was completely cracked, but I finished the race and was happy to hear Chris got 5th from the break!

The rest of the team did awesome on both the men’s and women’s side with a bunch of other top 10’s! Overall the team and I had an awesome weekend of racing. Now the focus is on the upcoming team and sponsors training camp in California in just over a weeks’ time. I can definitely say I’m looking forward to the sun and some warmth!

See you next time!