Swan and Schaeffer Hold on Tight

The TRT women’s squad lined up at the New West Grand Prix with hopes of surprising rival teams on the hilly course.

Callie Swan got her third start line call-up of BC Superweek, beginning the race shoulder to shoulder with TRT alumni and National Crit Champion, Sarah Bergen.


Anna Talman could be seen towards the front of the race, responding to early attacks by Rally and Tibco. Ultimately, it was Michele Schaefer and Callie Swan who survived long enough to join the decisive group. Swan and a Tibco rider attempted to bridge across to the winning breakaway, closing the gap to within five-seconds of Bergen’s group before drifting back to the main peloton.

In the end it Bergen who took the win with Schaefer and Swan making it to the end.

Another Punisher for the Pro Men

In the men’s race, Kyle Buckowsky made an early attack on New West’s unforgiving climb. Lamoureux, Diertens and McLeod survived the flurry of attacks and finished in the bunch, respectively.

The defending New West champion, Florenz Knauer, took the win over Eric Young and Brad Huff of Rally.