A little bit of a light squad for this race, due to other commitments the only riders that could attend were Chris and myself. With a solid week of training in the legs Chris and I were stoked to get a solid race in.

The course was up and down with no real corners just curves around Volunteer Park in Seattle. The race started reasonably fast and, me being myself, I attacked the first time up the hill. I got a good gap but didnt really want to spend too much time out there so eased off. After that I just kept going with attacks over and over. I got a $25 prime at one point which was nice. The base pace of the race was reasonably fast, probably just a touch slower then a Superweek race, so that was good.

The race was going well and everything, then I got a front flat because there was lots of thorns on the road from the trees. That was fine, got a wheel change and got back in no problem. Then at three laps to go I attacked to bridge accross to two guys that were up the road, and my chain jumps off the bike somehow and gets tangled in a way you could not imagine. Since it was three laps to go I didnt get a free lap so that was the end of my day.

Chris on the other hand managed to finish 4th which was super awesome and a great ride for sure.

Now its on to National Championships for me. Wish me luck!