After a few busy weeks with Team camp, Walla Walla, and Junior Track Nationals, sickness and school work had taken over some of the women’s team. A small TRT women’s crew took to the line of Jeremy’s Roubaix on Saturday to battle it out on the Dykes of Pitt Meadows. This race is unique in our racing calendar as it is partly on gravel and partly on roads, paying tribute to the infamous spring classic Paris-Roubaix.

We set out with a steady pace to start, but the first attacks came as we went over the gravel dyke section for the first time. Since there was only two of us in the race, we followed other teams’ attacks in the first part of the race with the goal of trying to get one of us up the road with one other person.

After about halfway through the race though nothing had stuck, so it was our turn to keep the pressure on. Holly and I worked really well together, trading attacks to launch away from the group. With Holly controlling the pace on the front, I went from second wheel going into the gravel section and was able to open up a gap to the group. I lasted out front through the gravel section and when I got caught, Holly countered. We kept this up throughout the next few laps, but ultimately nothing got away.

Destined for a sprint finish I got on the front to keep the pace high over the last part of the gravel. Holly was on my wheel and as we were exiting off the dyke down a steep grassy turn, her shoe came unclipped and undone, but with a spectacular save she stayed upright and did a big skateboard push off the ground to get back into the sprint. With her shoe undone she sprinted to a very close second. They don’t call her Huck It Holly for nothing!

A big thank you goes out to Leah Guloien, our women’s team manager, and Jamie Davidson for coming out on their Easter weekends to support us. As well as Barry and the local ride crew for putting on such a well-organized race.