Jeremy's Roubaix is quite the contrast to the normal races that we attend for the year. It takes place on the on-and-off the gravel dyke paths in Maple Ridge BC. Our race was 100km, about 50km of that was on the gravel sections. Our goal for the race was to be really aggressive, attack lots and win the race!

The race started off super hot and heavy with lots of moves going. Eventually Alex Fraser and Dylan Davies from Langois brown made a breakaway and were holding strong. After about 50km of being up there we decided to start attacking again to get some more bodies across. I got away solo for about a lap then got caught, but there was not a chance that I was gunna let that fly so off I went again... using all the juice to make a nice healthy gap and eventually bridge across to Alex and Dylan up the road.

When I got up there Alex wasn’t feeling the strongest and ended up dropping off, otherwise Dylan wouldn’t work with two of us as well. Dylan and I rode hard for the last two laps of the race to make sure we didn’t get caught by the bunch. In the end it came up to a two man sprint between Dylan and I, and I just didn’t have the legs left to beat him after that hard bridge to the break, so it was second place for me.

Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters of Trek Red Truck Racing!